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Our Story

          Online retail presents a multitude of choices at our fingertips. We’re all accustomed to seeing the expedient delivery of much of our goods and services. While we slowly move back to life from a pandemic that gripped the world for over the past two years, the speedy need for the delivery of goods and services is nonetheless more crucial than it ever was before. Staying at home forced many of us to spend more time with family and one of the best ways to bond with others is over a great meal. And that is where we come in …

        Ethos Kitchenware is a growing US based e-commerce store that offers an eclectic variety of kitchen appliances and accessories to make your cooking and dining experiences more enjoyable and efficient. As the world relies more and more on online services, our team realized the necessity of accessible high quality kitchen appliances and accessories to make your way around the kitchen less burdensome.

       Here at Ethos Kitchenware, we are passionate about two things: great quality kitchenware and supporting American businesses. Our variety of kitchen gadgets and accessories is sourced from only the best domestic suppliers so you can be sure that your purchase will help support the US economy. In addition, our fast shipping policy guarantees that you'll have your new item(s) in just a week's time. Hence, our commitment to serving our customers is reflected in our value system:

  • Commitment to high quality products sourced within US
  • Fast Shipping - product typically take 3-5 days to arrive to your doorstep upon ordering
  • Attentive customer service – We typically respond within 24 hours via email.